C1 Teachers Training Workshop

This activity was held from 16th to 18th of June 2022 at University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and coordinated by University of Belgrade. It consisted of a workshop in which few persons (teachers, researchers, trainers) from each partner organization and from different disciplines have been introduced to the project methodology, encouraged and supported to integrate it in their regular activities. The objective of the workshop was to train the members of the team that will work on the project implementation, to share and exchange knowledge on the project’s topic, and to enable them to transfer the project approach and methodology to their students. During the Workshop participants have defined: 

  • the synthesis document of R1 that has been drafted by selecting experiences and research products and summarized in a unique document by professors and researchers. This activity aimed at highlighting and sharing the way in which the R1 will be presented to students and local stakeholders, regarding their participation in an integrated vision of urban regeneration inspired by the protection of citizens’ health and climate proof. 
  • the healthy urban planning teaching methodological guidelines (R2) to build the contents of: “Climate and Health Profile”; “Climate modelling and forecast: Climate scenario “0”; “Future Scenarios”; “Urban Project scenarios”. The goal was sharing the fundamental principles for renewing the contents of higher education in terms of regeneration of the contemporary city, finally attentive to the issues of health and climate change. This was happening through the involvement of the various disciplinary areas to which the project partners refer and with the contribution of the local community and public administration, often not present in traditional training courses. The result of this comparison concerns the “methodological guidelines” that is shared with other universities and public administrations through the project web page and e-learning methods.  

The results of this Teacher training workshop are used to build the R3, Educational toolkits for healthy urban planning and urban participation, that represents the application of the Healthy urban planning working method in the field of university education with the possibility of extending the application also to public administration projects. 

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