About Multiplier event

The Dissemination Seminar was held from the 9:00AM until the noon in the great hall of The Municipality of Valjevo headquarters. After the arrival of the professors’ and students’ delegation from Belgrade, the press conference has begun, followed by the registration of the events’ participants. The seminar was broadcasted via web conference since the opening of the morning session in order to allow the project’s partners to participate.

Firstly, the general aims of the CliCCHE project were introduced. Then, in relation to the project, the problems within the local context were emphasised, as well as the students’ reactions to them based on the workshop held on 24th of March 2023. Also, solutions for mitigation and adaptation to climate change of target places within the central area of the city of Valjevo made by students during the spring semester 2022/23 were introduced to the participant. During the session, some of the participants discussed the actual situation within the Municipality of Valjevo and also exchanged their experiences with the similar projects.

The afternoon’s activities were taking place within the Cultural center of Valjevo. The Participatory Happening has started with a public art performance of making a new home in the form of a nest for animals who are migrating because their previous homes were destroyed by the climate change. Also, there were people who have masks attached to the plant-based oxygen machine because the air is so polluted. The main participants during this part of event where children from kindergarten, as well as the students from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture who were repeating one of the “PaPs” performances designed for this occasion during the fall semester 2022/23. At the end of the performance, all participants placed together the planet Earth in the nest and made an agreement that they will always work together to save the planet from the negative effects of climate change as much as they can. This poetic performance cached attention of many citizens who were passing by or just sitting near the event. Even a lot of them did not want to sign the attendance sheets, they were following the conversation and some of them started a conversation with students, so we see that also as a success.

A number of target groups was reached during the event, including students and teachers of the public school system from the city of Valjevo, local institutions, public governance and citizens from various fields of expertise.


The University of Belgrade is considering the multiplier event “SOS AIR” a success, because all target groups such as students, professors and local stakeholders are reached, of which the most percentage were students. That was one of our main goals because the project CliCCHE is from the domain of education. We are also satisfied with presence percentage of the stakeholders from the Public Governance and local institutions because the event was held during a workday.

There are many significant effects of this event in the sense of dissemination of the CliCCHE results. For example, after the event, the exhibition of students’ projects has stayed in the Cultural center of Valjevo, and the highschool “Technical school Valjevo” asked to host the exhibition within their institution after that. Also, the kindergarten “Milica Nožica” has expressed interest to continue cooperation with the University of Belgrade-Faculty of Architecture next year within the project of integration of nature-based solutions within the yard of kindergarten via an elective course in the fall semester 2023/24 “Open city spaces”.

Dissemination of the event

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