E4 Forever Communities

About Multiplier event

A number of target groups was reached during the event, including students and residents of Lisbon; teachers, researchers; among other. The following table details on the organizations represented by different participants. Note that some participants accumulate types of belonging to organizations (for instance, a researcher who is also a teacher integrates a University, a department, and a research centre.

The morning was filled with presentations and debate after presentations in a classical format. After a brief online (live) presentation of the project, the CliCCHE Coordinator Rosalba D’Onofrio presented the Unicam Local Workshop. After that, we had a conference by Pedro Pinho, about ecosystem services and nature-based solutions. Being a Biologist, Pedro Pinho gave the audience a chance to receive different information from what one is used being Architects, Artists, and Social Scientists (the biggest populations in the room).

Teresa Rodeia, architect from Iscte, gave a great conference about urban sketching, the importance of the attention to details which is needed to make drawings. This presentation led to a great deal of debate.

The combination between different types of presentations from different kinds of knowledge provided by this Multiplier Event was highlighted by researchers, students, artists.   In the afternoon, the Biologist and High School teacher Ivo Meco gave the group a walking tour in Alvalade, concerning green spaces. Along with learning about the different species, we saw how the green spaces are organized with concerns (or not) about floods; if the trees were (or not) subjected to a good pruning, and the importance of giving training to municipal workers about pruning.


The multiplier event for Iscte was a success, with the participation of students, academics and the public, who got to participate in the activities both in the morning and in the afternoon. Many participants from different areas got to know about the project.

In the following day, CliCCHE Iscte also participated in the European Research Night, with the activity Stone Soup, developed in Portuguese and in English with diverse visitors. This activity was not included in the Multiplier Event per se, but considering the huge disclosure opportunity, we took the chance and, ultimately, this activity can be seen as a supplement to the Forever Communities Multiplier Event.

This same tool Stone Soup was presented in the National Day of Scientific culture, November 24, 2023, during the Science and Technology week, for High School Students, who also got to know about CliCCHE and its usefulness in the near future.

“Forever communities” was an interdisciplinary set of activities which fulfilled its goal of achieving different societal groups.

Dissemination of the event

  • Multiplier Event – Morning – conferences about plant based solutions to approach climate change and about drawing and its usefulness for creativity in the long run;
  • Multiplier Event – Afternoon – walking tour with a biologist and expert on urban gardens;
  • Multiplier Event – Afternoon – workshop developed to increase skills of green spaces and relation with building areas observation;
  • Poster of Multiplier Event CIES – Cli-CC.HE Multiplier event (iscte-iul.pt);
  • Poster of Multiplier Event;
  • Stone Soup tool – CliCCHE disclosure to all academic areas;
  • Stone Soup Tool – Science and Technology week, for High School Students.
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