L’Italia che Verrà: Water for a Friend Multiplier Event

The Geography Museum of the University of Padua hosted the exhibition “L’Italia che verrà” (“Italy that will come”), created for the Multiplier Event “Water for a friend” by University of Camerino, School of Architecture and Design.

From 27 December to 7 January at the Museum of Geography, of the Department of Historical, Geographical and Antiquity Sciences of the University of Padua it was possible to visit the exhibition Italy to come: an imaginative tale of the future, inspired by the volume Viaggio nell’Italia of the Anthropocene. The exhibition was also combined with a creative workshop for adults, girls and boys.

The exhibition, born within the Multiplier Event: Water for a Friend of the Climate Change, Cities, Communities, and Equity in Health Erasmus+ project, offered a story of the future through postcards created with mixed graphic representation methods, between analogue, digital, artificial intelligence, which return some possible future landscapes of the new locations of Venetia, Picenum and Apulia, as inspired by the pages of the book Viaggio nell’Italia of the Anthropocene by Telmo Pievani and Mauro Varotto.

The creative laboratory represented an opportunity for everyone, young and old, to reflect creatively on the present and the future, and entrust their hopes to one or more paper boats, made with a great variety of different materials including old maps, magazines, newspapers, etc.

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