• L’Italia che Verrà: Water for a Friend Multiplier Event

    The Geography Museum of the University of Padua hosted the exhibition “L’Italia che verrà” (“Italy that will come”), created for the Multiplier Event “Water for a friend” by University of Camerino, School of Architecture and Design.

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  • add4 Participatory Urban Design Master Studio_school year 2022-2023

    This book is a presentation of the results of the work of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture during the 2022-2023 school year in the frame of the Erasmus+ European project Climate changes, Cities, Communities and equity to Health (CliCCHE), which aims to develop and test new experiences in teaching and studying at the…

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  • E1 I never thought trees were so important to the city

    The title of the multiplier event in Cyprus was “I never thought trees were so important to the city”, and a dedicated logo was designed to reflect this. The event’s objectives were to spread the knowledge acquired by students during the CliCCHE project regarding the role of the “green-based solutions” applied to the city, on…

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  • E2 SOS AIR

    Through the cooperation and with joined forces, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Architecture, Municipality of Valjevo and Cultural center Valjevo organized the national multiplier event “SOS AIR” was held on 14th of November in the city of Valjevo as a one-day event. It started at 9:00am and ended at 3:30pm and it was divided into two…

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  • M3 Final Transnational Project Meeting

    On 30 November and 1 December 2023 in the city of Palermo, the final meeting of the transnational project and the multiplier events E5 – Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Cli-CCHE project (climate change, cities, community and equity in health) took place. On 30/11/2023, the final meeting of the project was held at the Institute…

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  • E4 Forever Communities

    The multiplier event “Forever Communities” claimed for attention to the city green areas, in a scope related to the adaptations to climate change and related health issues in urban areas. We aimed at disclosing the project as much as possible in the Portuguese academia and local civil society. We counted on previous contacts – associations,…

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