Lw2 Cyprus Institute (CyI), Cyprus

As part of the Erasmus+ CliCCHE project, the Sustainable Built Environment group of the Cyprus Institute ran a series of workshops titled “Urban Health”, with the participation of Cyprus Institute (CyI) students, colleagues, citizens and public administration representatives. The aim of the workshops was to introduce students and teachers to a novel, non-formal mode of education that builds upon the competences of partakers and promotes the principles of co-participation and co-design focused on mitigating climate change and improving health in cities. While these principles are essential components of any urban regeneration project, we mimicked regeneration values and integrated them in the development of the curriculum. During the workshops, we tested several innovative participative tools (flipped classroom, debate, expert panel, simulation software and on-site mapping activities) to foster shared and conscious experiences among teachers, students and all kinds of stakeholders.

Lw2 Cyprus Institute (CyI), Cyprus

Local Workshops

Local workshops, will be realized through direct work with public administrations, professionals, students and citizens, by using, where available, some of the innovative participative tools (virtual and immersive reality, public art, game simulation) to foster shared and conscious choices.

Local Workshops

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