Lw3 University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), Portugal

Local Workshop “How to make Healthier cities” concentrated on putting in practice the tools concerning the topic “Get to know the neighborhood from above and from within”. The tools were: Walking as a research method; Fieldnotes; Interviewing; Photo Elicitation; 15 minutes proximity. The Local Workshop also implemented a tool called Stone Soup Game, which is, shortly, like “Place Standard with climate lens”, though streamlined version. The idea came from the popular Portuguese myth that named the recipe (Sopa da Pedra). In this game, the facilitators use colored post-its instead of the recipe’s ingredients (orange like carrots, pink like ham, green like cabbage, blue like water, and yellow like olive oil). The participants contribute with “an ingredient”, writing in the post-it the solution they understand as better for a specific local challenge, especially considering climate change. Since the post-its will be mixed, the results won’t be selective in relation to the diverse participants.

Lw3 University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), Portugal

Local Workshops

Local workshops, will be realized through direct work with public administrations, professionals, students and citizens, by using, where available, some of the innovative participative tools (virtual and immersive reality, public art, game simulation) to foster shared and conscious choices.

Local Workshops

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