E1 I never thought trees were so important to the city

The title of the multiplier event in Cyprus was “I never thought trees were so important to the city”, and a dedicated logo was designed to reflect this. The event’s objectives were to spread the knowledge acquired by students during the CliCCHE project regarding the role of the “green-based solutions” applied to the city, on the basis of analysis designed and developed with the support of the public administration and citizens. In particular, the goal of the workshop is to make people understand the relationship between green areas, trees, climate change and health, through the adoption of a degraded urban space that will be virtually regenerated and reactivated by students, teachers and citizens. The multiplier event was hosted in the European Researcher’s Night, organized by the Research and Innovation Foundation, which took place in the Cyprus Expo venue on 29 September 2023, starting at 9am and ending at 9pm. This national event aims to encourage the public to become familiar with the world of science and research and at the same time to strengthen the public image of researchers, whilst highlighting the important role they play in society. The European Researcher’s Night’s objectives therefore align perfectly well with those of the CliCCHE multiplier event for Cyprus, which fosters a co-participatory and innovative education approach.

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Multiplier Events

CliCCHE Multiplier Events:
E1 / I never thought trees were so important to the city / CYI / Strovolos, Nicosia; E2 / SOS AIR / BU / Valjevo; E3 / Water for a friend / UNICAM / San Benedetto del Tronto; E4 / Forever Communities / ISCTE / Lisbon; E5 / Final Conference / CNR / Palermo.
In the period September-October-November 2023, 4 national multiplier events will be organized in Strovolos (Cyprus), Valjevo (Serbia), San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal). The fifth multiplier event, the Final Conference of the CliCCHE project, will be organized on November 30th and December 1st, 2023 in Palermo, Italy.

Multiplier Events

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