E3 Water for a friend

“Water For a Friend” is the title of the Multiplier Event organized by UNICAM. The event took place on the 13th of November 2023 in Ascoli Piceno, at the UNICAM School of Architecture and Design and in San Benedetto del Tronto, where the local workshop was organized. The event was addressed at students, researchers and teachers of UNICAM and other connected universities, stakeholders, administrators and citizens. The morning was dedicated to a series of presentation addressed students and researchers regarding the results of Clicche’s local workshops. This activity was followed by a presentation by Prof. Mauro Varotto – University of Padua, on the topic of water and the cities of the future, transformed by the melting of glaciers and the sea level rise. In the afternoon, at the UNICAM campus in San Benedetto del Tronto, the activities of the local Sant’Antonio workshop were illustrated and the video interviews with the inhabitants on the quality of life in the neighborhood and on climate risks. The topic of droughts and water scarcity was addressed through a remote connection with the researcher Gabriele Nanni of Legambiente, author of the Dossier “Accelerating change: the water challenge passes through the cities”. Later two exhibitions curated by the students and citizens were presented: the first one concerning the projects on the Sant’Antonio neighborhood; the second one, entitled “Italy to come” – Free interpretation of the Italy of the Anthropocene”.

E3 Water for a friend

Lw1 University of Camerino (UNICAM), Italy

The “San Benedetto del Tronto” Local Workshop dealt with the Sant’Antonio neighborhood in San Benedetto del Tronto, a city of 45,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic coast, in the Marche Region. 7000 inhabitants live this district characterized by a flat area facing the sea, with medium and high population density with mixed functions (office, residential, tourist, commercial). The neighborhood is also characterized by a low-density residential hilly area, to the west of the SS16 state road which runs along the entire Adriatic coast. It houses numerous facilities on an urban scale: the hospital, a private clinic, a nursing home (RSA); numerous Schools; the Town Hall and the Municipal Library. It is a lively district, with numerous commercial activities that have their privileged location in Viale De Gasperi and along some transversal axes. The traffic is chaotic, the district is in fact divided into sections by the urban and territorial crossing mobility (the railway, the seafront, Viale De Gasperi, the SS16); pedestrian and bicycle mobility is scarce, with the exception of the waterfront. Not all urban planning forecasts have been implemented over time: there are some empty areas of private property; there is an area near the railway that houses a power station serving the railway that will have to be decommissioned. There are some parks that are very popular with the local population. The local community is very active, there is a neighborhood committee that promotes opportunities to get together throughout the year. In summer, due to the important tourist flow (San Benedetto is one of the most popular seaside city of the Region for tourism), the lack of parking and traffic congestion become unsustainable. In the past, the district was affected by numerous flood damages, also due to the presence, on the northern edge, of the Torrente Albula. In recent years following some interventions on the sewage infrastructure, the problem has decreased, with the exception of the underpasses. The municipality has a climate mitigation plan and a joint SECAP plan is also in the process of being approved. Traffic congestion, lack of parking and poor care of public spaces (bumpy sidewalks, poor public lighting), poor connection between green areas and meeting spaces are among the main problems of the neighborhood.

Lw1 University of Camerino (UNICAM), Italy

Local Workshops

Local workshops, will be realized through direct work with public administrations, professionals, students and citizens, by using, where available, some of the innovative participative tools (virtual and immersive reality, public art, game simulation) to foster shared and conscious choices.

Local Workshops

M2 Transnational Meeting: Methodology and toolkit

UNICAM organized the 2nd meeting in Ascoli Piceno during the 22nd and 23rd of November 2022. There were a few participants from each partner institution attending the meeting directly and online. The meeting has been focused on checking the preparation of the educational toolkit (R3), testing it in local workshops as well as the issues of partnership functioning, issues in project implementation, achievements of goals and planning for next goals and necessary improvements.

M2 Transnational Meeting: Methodology and toolkit

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