R1 Research on mitigation and adaptation strategies of climate change effects on human health in urban areas

Result Leading Organisation was The Cyprus Institute and it was developed through the period of 6 months (from February 2022 – July 2022). This result represents a catalogue of research and experiences that address the issue of health and climate change in urban areas. It includes both scientific research projects, and experiences carried on in cities at European and international level, by including those developed by project partners, that link the topic of health to climate change and involve communities in designing/creating environments favourable to health. This catalogue focuses on:  

  • a transdisciplinary approach to urban health and climate change; 
  • design solutions for urban areas, aimed at adapting to climate change; 
  • design solutions that can be replicated in the various European cities that deal with the regeneration of the existing city.  

Professors and Researchers involved in the teachers training workshop (C1) finalized it and used it as a base for the development of upcoming studies. The collection is the main element for professors in the local workshops to illustrate to students the effects of climate change on the built environment and the possible design solutions to protect urban health problems.  

The dissemination of the result aims to: 

  • increase awareness among professors and researchers regarding the importance of a transdisciplinary approach to urban health; 
  • increase students’ ability to understand the importance of dealing with experiences developed in different contexts and in different disciplines;  
  • provide students with a sample of design solutions that can be used in their urban regeneration projects;  
  • enable the public administrations involved (associated partners) to become aware of the experiences of other cities. 
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