R4 Urban planning guidelines oriented to health and climate change mitigation practices

Result Leading Organization was The Institute of Translational Pharmacology (IFT) of Italian National Research Council (CNR) and it was developed through the period of 7 months (from July 2023 – December 2023). This Result consists of a document composed of instructions and checklists that will help higher education institutions and public administrations to better define and evaluate urban policies. More specifically, this result represents the support instrument for students, professors and interested stakeholders to determine how intervention on the territory can induce changes, even unintentional, in the exposed population’s health. In order to identify the risks and opportunities, the guidelines are considering some central themes of urban planning, such as mobility, green areas, open spaces, and by assessing people’s needs, risk perception, and quality of life. This kind of analysis allows selecting the “optimal” scenario for each target area. The project result has been developed from the discussion between different actors (students, citizens, professors, municipalities) regarding the optimal scenarios conducted in each one of the local workshops. The Result will be shared and applied by each project partner in different urban contexts, and transferred to other European countries, also to public administrations.

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