C2 Joint Intensive Course

Iscte, CIES-IUL is hosting the Joint Intensive Course of Erasmus+ Project CliCCHE Climate change, Cities, Communities and Equity in Health. This course will bring together five students from each selected partner, based on their participation in the Local Workshops that took place from March to May in UNICAM, Ascoli, Italy, UB, Belgrade, Serbia, Iscte, Lisbon, Portugal, Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus. In the Local Workshops, students had the opportunity to put in practice a set of unconventional educational tools, developed in the context of the previous project activity Healthy urban planning Teaching Methodological Guidelines.  

Along with students, all partners (CNR, UNICAM, UB, CYI, ISCTE) will discuss the results of the Local Workshops and the implementation of a questionnaire to improve citizen awareness on the issues related with climate change and health. The Course will focus on the evaluation of the methodology put in place and its experimentation in the local workshops, from the teachers’ point of view, by examining what worked and what did not work both from the point of view of the theoretical construction of the methodology and of experimentation; and the point of view of students regarding their learning ability, application and comparison with the various stakeholders within the local workshops; along with the results from questionnaires.  

Among the core objectives of CliCCHE Erasmus+ project’s is to bring together different study areas capable of interpreting the effects of climate change on citizen’s health in urban contexts and assessing the performance that urban spaces could offer through health and climate-based urban regeneration interventions.

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